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Updating number of authorized residents

Recognized Water Amount

The number of registered occupants in a property unit is of the utmost importance when determining the amount of water recognized for that unit. Every property occupant is entitled to 7 cubic meters of water per month (60.83 per day) at a low rate.

In accordance with the provisions of the Water Regulations (Determination of Known Quantity), 2016, the amount of occupants per property unit is needed to determine the recognized quantity per unit, determined by the listing in the Population Registry.

The directive is intended to make it easier for consumers and to save you time regarding any change in the number of occupants (birth, exiting adult children, etc.). Consumers who have not registered with the Population Registry at their current address may contact Mei Avivim to update the number of recognized occupants in order to continue benefiting from the reduced rate water allowance.

Pay attention! In the absence of a report, as well as in cases of one occupant, the recognized amount will be set for two persons.

Updating Number of Persons by a Home Consumer

If the number of occupants listed in the account does not match the number of occupants living in the property unit, contact Mei Avivim and notify us of the updated number by providing the Request Form to Update Recognized Tenants, as well as other required documents: 

  • Photocopy of ID Card that includes current address plus “sefach” (which contains the personal information of spouse and children).
  • Photocopy of ID Card of all property occupants over 18 years of age.

Pay attention! If a declaration has been submitted in the past regarding number of occupants, then there is no need to re-submit it, unless the number of occupants residing in the property has changed.

Additional Documents to be Attached (If Applicable)

  • In the case that the address listed in the “sefach” is at another property in the same municipality- Photocopy of Lease Agreement (first page)
  • In the case that the address listed in the “sefach” is in another municipality - Photocopy of Lease Agreement (first page), and approval of water supplier of previous area of residence, as listed on ID card, attesting that consumer is no longer a consumer in that municipality
  • Non-Israeli Citizen - Photocopy of valid passport, photocopy of valid residency permit, photocopy of Lease Agreement (first page)

Diplomats must also attach a residency permit from the embassy signed by the ambassador or a validated affidavit with the stamp and signature of an attorney

A foreign worker for nursing care work must attach the employment authorization obtained from the Ministry of Interior, in lieu of a photocopy of the Lease Agreement.

End of the Process:

After submitting the form and reviewing the application, you will be notified regarding the updated number of occupants or asked to fill out additional documents. 

Pay attention! When switching property occupants, the number of property occupants is reset. Therefore, Mei Avivim must be notified even if there is no actual change in the number of property occupants.

A useful tip! You can update the water meter reading at the moment of changing property consumers via the Changing Consumers Form

Registration for Half Entitlements

A primary home consumer can ask to register half of his/ her entitlement in another residential unit in which he/ she does not reside (i.e. a parent whose children are held in joint custody). In this case, the children must be listed on both properties by a joint custody approval and thus enjoy a reduced rate for half of the number of property occupants. When one parent applies for the half entitlement, Mei Avivim will contact the other parent in order to obtain their consent.

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