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Privacy Policy

Last updated November 26, 2019

1. Introduction

1.1.  We at Mei Avivim (2010) Ltd. respect the privacy of Users of the Site and are committed to protecting it, and therefore consider  this Privacy Policy document to be of great importance, the purpose of which is to elaborate how the Company collects information about and/or regarding Users of the Site, as well as how and for what purposes the Company collects such information. The document is written in the male gender for convenience, but is intended equally for men and women.

1.2. When using the Site for a variety of purposes you may be required to provide Mei Avivim with different types of personal information and we collect information about you and/or regarding the manner in which you use the Site. Some of the information provided and collected is personal, and some is anonymous. This Privacy Policy applies both to personal and to anonymous information.

1.3.  Before using the Site, which includes providing personal information on the Site, please make sure that you have read the terms of the Privacy Policy carefully, and that you have understood them. Your use of the Website will be considered as your explicit and informed consent to all of the terms, conditions and notifications that are included in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the Privacy Policy, all or any part thereof, do not disclose any information whatsoever to Mei Avivim via the Site. 

2. Settings

2.1.  Website” – the significance being the Website of “Mei Avivim” which is managed and operated by us at, or at any other address as there may be from time to time.

2.2. The “Law” – Protection of Privacy Law – 5741-1981 

2.3. Information” – the significance being personal information and anonymous information, jointly or severally.

2.4. Personal Information” – signifies any data or information  that you provide to the Company on the Site proactively, in accordance with the purpose of your inquiry to the Company through the Website, which identifies you or enables you to be personally identified (such as your name, email address, I/D number, your method of payment and so forth), as well as any information that constitutes “information” and/or “sensitive information” as this is defined by law.

2.5. Anonymous Information” – the significance of which is statistical information that does not identify nor enable personal identification of the User, linked to the end-device with which the User uses the Site (such as how the Website is used, the type of browser used, the date and time the User enters the Site, etc.).

2.6. You” or “User“; the “Company“; “Online Material“, “use of the Website” – as these terms are defined in the Terms of Use.

3. Agreement

In accordance with law, you confirm that you are aware of and that you give your informed consent to all of the following:

3.1. The personal information provided by you to the Company on the Site has been provided with your consent and of your own free will, and you are aware of the fact that there is no legal obligation to provide the personal information on the Site and/or to execute any other activity on the Site. However, you understand and agree that without providing such information, all or any part thereof, it is possible that you may not be able to complete your application to the Company by means of the Website (including for the purposes of implementing any activities whatsoever), and that the Company will not be able to provide you with a response to your application to us (for example – collection of payment); It is further clarified that you are legally obliged to pay for the services provided to you by the Company, pursuant to the Rules of Water and Sewage Corporations (Service Standards) 5761-2011 (“Water and Sewage Corporation Rules“). To the extent that you have chosen to pay the invoice for your consumption of water and sewage in your name and/or on behalf of the individual for whom you pay by means of the Website – you will be required to provide us with correct and complete personal information (such as details of identification, methods of payment, etc.) to ensure that you (or the entity for whom you are paying) is a “consumer” as defined in the Water and Sewage Corporation Rules.

3.2. The personal information that you will provide to the Company will be stored in the database/s of Mei Avivim, and the Company will make use thereof for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy, and between itself and/or via third parties on behalf thereof (including being entitled to transfer it to third parties operating on its behalf, located outside of Israel) for the purposes and objectives that are set forth in Section 5 below, all of which in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy. 

3.3. If and to the extent that you disclose personal information of or on behalf of any third party whatsoever, you have received the full consent required by any law from that third party, and the use of such personal information by the Company in accordance with this Privacy Policy shall not violate the privacy of that third party and/or any other rights whatsoever.

4. Gathering Personal Information

Within the framework of using the Website you might be required to disclose and the Company might collect personal information via various technological means, as set forth in Section 8 herein below. The type of personal information you will provide and/or will be collected by us may vary, in accordance with the reason and/or purpose for which you are addressing us on the Site. The personal information that we might collect as a result of your use of the Website might also vary, in accordance with the manner in which you use the Website (for example – as a result of the Website being used by a desktop computer or a mobile device).

In this chapter the types of personal information that will be collected in accordance with the aforesaid will be specified, and it is clarified that what is stated in this chapter will apply to your personal information and/or personal information that you will provide about or on behalf of a third party, on whose behalf of or in whose name you are addressing the Company via the Website, in accordance with and subject to paragraph 3.3 above and 4.2  below.

4.1. Personal information that you provide on the Site

4.1.1. Personal Information that you provide for the purpose of receiving information, data, and clarifications with regard to the consumption of water and sewerage accounts in your name: you are required to identify yourself in the ‘My Avivim’ tab (which you can access by clicking the “Personal Area” tab). Here you will be required to provide personal information of various types, such as: I.D./passport number; cellular phone number, and password  (personal password for a registered User and/or one-time password if you are not registered).

4.1.2. Personal Information that you provide as part of submitting various requests on the website (including by means of filling in forms): the personal information you will be required to submit might vary in accordance with the nature of the request you submit to the Company by means of the Site. Thus, for example, an application to undertake a standing order will require you, inter alia, to provide details about the method of payment; requests related to replacing consumers and updating will require that, inter alia, you will provide details about additional tenants; to the extent that you empower another individual to act on your behalf, you will be required to provide your details as well as the details of the empowered individual; requests connected with consumption and water meters will require you to provide, among other things, details of your identity and your signature.

4.1.3. Personal information that you provide for the purpose of making payments: for the purpose of implementing payment for the consumption of water and sewage, you are required, initially, to provide personal information such as a telephone number, email address, as well as an Identity Card number and details regarding means of payment which will be sent directly to the payment and clearing-house provider, in accordance with what is determined in the Terms of Use here and section 6.1.2 herein below.

4.1.4. To the extent that you contact the Company in order to register for any service whatsoever on behalf of a limited Company or any other legal entity on whose name the water supply account is registered, you will be required to provide us with your full name.

4.1.5. To the extent that you have indicated on the Site that you are interested in receiving material online by email instead of by regular (physical) mail, we will make use of your email address for this purpose, in accordance with and subject to the Terms of Use

4.2. Personal information that you provide about another individual. To the extent that you are making use of the Site for another individual (for example – because you wish to pay your water and sewerage invoice, to clarify or report on a malfunction for a family member) – you declare and guarantee that you have been authorized and have the necessary consent in accordance with law, both to implement activities for the additional individual and, as part of this, to provide the Company with his personal information, and also for the uses that the Company makes of such information pursuant to this Privacy Policy.

4.3.  Personal information the Company receives about a User from third parties

4.3.1. Being a public body (as this term is defined in the law), the Company might, from time to time, receive and/or be exposed to personal information about you as this has been disclosed to it by other public bodies, and this for the purpose of verifying your identity and your details, as these have been provided by you on the Website. The information obtained by the Company from third parties is their sole responsibility only. It is hereby clarified that the Company does not check the correctness thereof, but cross-checks it with the data provided on the Website or by any other means, all of which – as an integral part of the service that is provided by the Company within the framework of the Website or by any other means. The responsibility for verifying your data and with you is the public body from which the Company receives the information, and the Company neither has nor shall it have any legal and/or other responsibility with regard to receiving and maintaining and/or making use of incorrect information and/or information that was given to it which has not been updated.

5. Use of personal information

In accordance with the law, you are aware of and you give your informed consent that the Company receives and collects your personal information about you for the following purposes and uses (as may be updated from time to time): (a) implementing the duties imposed on the Company pursuant to the Water and Sewage Corporation Law, 5761-2011, the regulations and the rules that were implemented pursuant thereto; (b) to the extent that you have provided us with a means of payment – use will be made of this information by ourselves and/or through third parties acting on our behalf for the purpose of executing and completing the collection of payment from you, and sending an invoice / receipt for execution of the payment; (c) managing information about the residents of Tel Aviv – Jaffa associated with the water and sewerage services provided to them, provision of service to residents as well as the Users of the Site (who were, are or will be residents of the City of Tel Aviv-Jaffa) –  in connection with the matter of their application to the Company.

6. Transfer of information to third parties

6.1. Some of the services offered on the Site are, in effect, implemented by third parties, who serve as subcontractors for the Company operating on behalf of the Company. Therefore, you are aware of and agree that by clicking on certain services offered on the Site you may be removed from the Site and transferred directly to the Website of the relevant service provider. Alternatively, this activity will cause the transmission of certain information to the relevant service providers, all of which in accordance with the purposes of using the information set forth in this policy. Including:

6.1.1. The Company shall be entitled to transfer personal information to cloud computing providers (which might be located outside the borders of Israel) for the purpose of storage and/or backup of data, to the extent that the Company chooses to make use of such services.

6.1.2. The Company shall be entitled to allow access to information systems that include personal information to various software suppliers, for the purpose of maintenance and repair of the failures in the information systems in which the information is stored. Moreover, the Company shall be entitled to transfer and/or enable access to personal information for various providers which provide the Company with services in connection with the services referred to in this Privacy Policy, including clearing-houses, various software companies that provide the Company with operational services, etc.

6.1.3. The Company shall be entitled to transfer personal information to competent authorities and/or in accordance with Court order and/or to the extent that this is necessary to protect the rights of the Company and its assets and/or to the extent that the provision of such information is obligatory in accordance with any law.

6.1.4. Without derogating from all of the aforementioned, the Company shall be entitled to transmit anonymous information to third parties as set forth in Section 7.4 below, without restriction. Since this is information that does not identify you personally, you are therefore exempting the Company from any claim and/or demand and/or allegation against the Company in respect thereof.

6.2. You are aware of the fact that information might be transmitted to third parties which are located outside the borders of Israel, including countries that provide less protection of privacy than the protection afforded by the laws of the State of Israel. By using the Website and the services offered, you give your informed consent to this.

6.3. The Company undertakes that the transmission of your personal information to third parties shall be limited solely to the purposes designated in this policy, and only to the extent and degree that are required in accordance with the discretion of the Company. The Company shall make appropriate efforts in order to ensure that the recipients of the information shall be subject to the obligation of confidentiality and information security with respect to such information, in accordance with any law.

7. Collection of anonymous information

7.1. When you make use of the Website, the Company collects information sent to it by the computer, mobile phone or other device that you make use of for the purpose of using the Website, which is anonymous information – in other words, it does not personally identify you and cannot be associated with you.

7.2. The anonymous information that is sent to us might include, inter alia: data regarding the pages visited by Users, type of device, details about the computer and the connection, mobile network information, statistics regarding page viewing, transfer to and from the site, URL address from which the User surfed to the Site, etc.

7.3. The Company, by itself or via entities on behalf thereof, analyzes and makes use of anonymous information for the purposes set out herein below (as and to the extent that these may vary from time to time): (a) assessing how Users make use of the Site for the purpose of managing, improving and promoting the Site; (b) repair of malfunctions; (c) improving the experience of using the Website; (d) analyzing and segmenting browsing patterns on the Site; (e) any other lawful purpose as deemed to be appropriate.

7.4. The Company shall be entitled to transfer anonymous information to third parties acting on its behalf for the purpose of implementing the aforementioned objectives, and for any other lawful purpose that it deems to be appropriate. Because of the fact that this is information that does not personally identify the User, the User hereby waives any claim and/or assertion and/or demand against the Company in connection with the aforesaid.

8. Technological tools for gathering information

8.1. The Company uses commonly accepted technology tools to collect personal and anonymous information, for example:  Cookies, “Google” analytics, internet tags and Facebook © pixel technology, for the purpose of analyzing Website usage statistics with regard to the use of the Site, and for the purpose of improving the User browsing experience.

8.2. A Cookie is a small file of information that we transfer to your computer or mobile device for the purpose of keeping a record regarding the way in which you use the service via the Website. When you log in to the Site, we might place these files on your computer or on your device.

8.3. You are free to refuse our cookie files if your browser or your browser extension allows this However, refusing to accept these files may interfere with your use of the Service through the Website.

9. Data Security

9.1. In order to create a personal area on the Site (My Avivim), you must enter a password, inter alia, in accordance with the instructions which appear on the Site. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and you are not entitled to transfer and/or allow any other entity to make use of your User name and password and/or your account. You are required to report any unauthorized use of your information to the Company.

9.2. Please note that any entrance to the Site that will be made using your identifying information (for example – your I.D. number and/or password (including any personal information that will be provided while using them) will be considered as an entry made by you, and you exempt the Company and anyone on its behalf from any liability or responsibility in respect of unauthorized use that will be made of your name, your details, and the consequences of such use.

9.3. The Company uses customary information security technologies on the Website and will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the Website shall be clean and free of viruses, bugs or Trojan horses. The Company will operate and implement generally accepted market practices to secure your personal information which is stored on the Site against any unauthorized access, use or detection. However, you are aware of the fact that, notwithstanding the aforesaid, this cannot provide absolute assurance with regard to  the information you have provided on the Website (whether this is stored in the Company’s information systems or kept and stored by a cloud supplier).

9.4. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have basic safeguards on your computer or the end device from which you use the Site (including the installation of anti-virus software, locking the computer, replacing passwords, etc.) in order to protect your personal information.

10. Information protection, the right of perusal, correction and deletion of information

10.1. As a general rule, your personal information or information about you will be stored in the database of the Company for the length of time necessary for the Company to respond to the User’s request, or provide the relevant service to the User, as applicable, and for as long as the Company may have a legitimate or legal obligation, or otherwise, to keep it in accordance with any law. Anonymous information will be stored in the information systems of the Company without any time limit (as long as this shall not be prohibited by law).

10.2. You are entitled to peruse the personal information held in reference to you in the database/s of the Company, to the extent that it is held; to request that the information be corrected or deleted, by sending an email to the Company at We will make the efforts necessary to fulfill your request in accordance the requirements that are applicable to us in accordance with law. However, personal information required by the Company for the purpose of continued management of its business and/or necessary for a legitimate purpose such as defense against claims (all of which, to the extent that it is required) will continue to be kept by the Company for the length of time required by it, in accordance with law.

11. Contact Us

You are welcome to contact us with any inquiries, requests or problems connected with the Privacy Policy, by emailing us at, and we will make every effort to get back to you as soon as possible.



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