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How the price is calculated

Meter Reading and Billing Period:

The water meter reading is carried out once every two months and forms the basis of the consumer’s water charges.
Water consumption is measured according to the difference in the water meter reading at the end of the current billing period and the water meter reading at the end of the previous billing period. In a shared property with several consumers, the company also charges each consumer for their relative share of the differences in the measurement. 

The water bill consists of two main charges:

  • For private consumption of the property measured in the water meter, which is associated with the same property and consumer
  • For measurement differences attributed to the property.

The private consumption and measurement differences of the property constitute the total consumption attributable to the consumer. The charge multiplies the amount of private water consumption, including the measurement differences, by the relevant water rate.

Measurement Differences:

Measurement differences constitute the difference between the amount of water measured in the property’s main water meter and the total quantities measured in all the water meters associated with the property during that period.

The amount of water that passes through the main water meter may differ in certain circumstances from the cumulative amount of water that passes through all the associated water meters. This may be due to, among other things, water consumption for garden irrigation, use of water in the garbage room, the existence of a leak in a common area, etc.

Methods of Dividing the Billing Measurement Differences

The default for dividing the billing for measurement differences is an equal distribution among all property consumers. However, it is possible carry out the measurements difference in proportion to the floor area of the property.
In order to divide the billing this way,  a  Request Form for Distributing Measurement Differences by Floor Area must be signed.

Consumption Estimation

In cases where the water meter cannot be read (lack of access, locked gate, concealing foliage, etc.), consumption will be determined by an estimate. If you have received billing according to an estimate, then it is recommended to update Mei Avivim with the reading details, as listed in the water meter, so that we can update the charges in accordance with actual consumption.
The meter reading update must be carried out via the Water Meter Reading Update Form.

Minimum Amount

Each consumer must pay a minimum amount, equal to the rate of 1.5 cubic meters of water per month, even if they consumed less than that during the same period. This charge reflects the payment for supply availability and the meter reading of the area. This payment will not be collected in addition to the consumer’s actual consumption account. 

In the event of a disconnection from the water system – The consumer will not be required to pay the minimum amount. However, in properties, such as apartment buildings where a master water meter is installed, the consumer will be billed for the measurement differences, as he/ she continues to bear partial responsibility for shared consumption and measurement differences in the shared property areas, even if the associated water meter has been disconnected from the water system.

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