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Ordering a water meter

In accordance with the Water Law, 1955, an associated water meter must be installed in every residence and apartment. 

What is the process of ordering a water meter?

  1. Submit an application – Fill out the online application form Application for Water Meter Installation and Differentiation with the requested signatures.
    If the application is for more than 10 tenants of the same building, then a plumbing plan must be attached, which will be submitted for authorization by the Licensing Department.
  2. Receiving Advice and Plumbing Preparation – Installing an associated water meter requires separating the plumbing that supplies water to the apartment. This activity will be executed by a private and professional plumber with the advice and oversight of a Mei Avivim representative (prior to carrying out the job).After receiving the water meter installation application, Mei Avivim will get in contact with the installation commissioner for the purpose of coordinating a visit with a company representative. This visit does not involve ownership. The commissioner must make sure that the plumber who will carry out the plumbing separation is present at the meeting in order to hear the advice.Execution and preparation costs are the sole responsibility and are at the expense of the customer.Pay attention! Do not start work before receiving directions and advice from the company representative.
  3. Approval of Plumbing Preparation and Meter Installation – After the plumbing activities have finished, and in accordance with the requirements outlined at the consultation meeting, Mei Avivim must be updated for the purpose of a  follow-up inspection. Email us at meters@Mei-avivim.co.il specifying your identification details (ID Card number and property address) and a picture of the plumbing preparations.Following a confirmation that work was executed in accordance with the requirements, the water meter will be installed on the property.Pay attention! The customer must be present at the follow-up meeting.
  4. Installation Work Charges – Installing the water meter involves paying a water meter fee. The rate is subject to change as determined by the Water Authority and according to the actual water meter installation date.

If you have a Mei Avivim water bill account – The charge will be recorded in the periodic billing following the water meter installation.

If you are not registered with Mei Avivim – After confirming the validity of the application details, a voucher will be issued for the payment, which can be paid via check or bank transfer.

If you have any questions, please call the Mei Avivim Telephone Service Center

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