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About Mei Avivim

General Background

Until theWater and Sewage Corporations Law, 2001 entered into force, the responsibility for supplying water to the residents of Tel Aviv-Yafo was entrusted to the local authorities. This law obligated that local authorities establish a local water corporation operating as a separate entity from other municipal activities and operations. With the entry of this law into force, the responsibility for supplying water to Tel Aviv-Yafo was entrusted to Mei Avivim 

The Purpose of the Law 

The law’s purpose is to separate municipal and corporate resources in the field of water supply so that quality, efficient, and reliable water service can be guaranteed to residents within the framework of a unified, supervised, and closed economic system. 

Who are we?

In accordance with the law, Mei Avivim was established in 2010 by the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality and entrusted with all the water and sewage services within the city’s area including payment collection [link to payments]

The company was founded with the goal to improve and optimize the city’s water and sewage infrastructure and provide residents with quality and advanced service. 

Company Principles

Mei Avivim’s service strategy is a central goal of ours and at the center of our company activities. We aim to provide a high level of satisfaction, at all points of interaction with city residents. We are committed to investing resources and continually improving water and sewage services through the use of advanced technology, which enables efficiency and professionalism in all company activities and adheres to principles of environmental quality.

Mei Avivim operates in accordance with theRegulations of Water and Sewage Corporations as defined by the Water Authority.

Main Areas of Activity

  • Supervising factory liquid waste that flows into the water and sewage systems
  • Restoring and improving infrastructure
  • Connecting new neighborhoods to the municipal water and sewage systems
  • Carrying out periodic maintenance
  • Keeping an eye out for advanced technologies and their application usage in the municipal water sector
  • Improving and streamlining the information and service systems for city residents
  • Inspecting water meters, as well as monitoring and reporting consumption irregularities
  • Providing information for saving and cost reduction solutions

    License for Essential and Additional Activities for Mei Avivim 2010, Ltd.>>

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