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Maintenance and preventive actions

Mei Avivim works year-round to maintain water and sewage systems with the assistance of professional teams through advanced control and supervisory systems and in implementing preventive actions.

Maintenance activities include annual/ periodic/ weekly treatments of various systems, answering and troubleshooting issues such as leaks, explosions, damage to fire extinguishers, sewage line breaks, faults, etc. All of these malfunctions, which occur frequently (nearly 500 per month), are carried out to preserve the water supply and sewage system. These are unnoticed by the consumer public.

Year-Round Preventative Maintenance

  1. 1. Cleaning Rainwater Drains in Winter - Most rainwater drains are uncovered. Hence, throughout the year, garbage accumulates and clogs them. As part of winter preparations, around 15,000 drains throughout the city are cleaned in order to enable free flow of rainwater to the drainage lines and to prevent flooding.
  2. 2. Cleaning Sewage Lines - More than 50% of sewage-related service calls are connected with obstructed sewage lines. Thus, collecting and removing trash in a way that does not accumulate down the line and will not cause obstruction is a significant and important part of these preventative operations. Washing the line and removing dirt and garbage is the best way to avoid repeated blockage and to extend the life of line. The cleaning is carried out as part of the general program based on the recommendations of the area managers and from reports filed on repeated obstructions.
  3. 3. Storm Preparedness - Despite prior preparation for winter, inclement weather can bring a multitude of malfunctions and damages such as road and home flooding, sewer drain overflows, etc. Mei Avivim is prepared with additional reinforcement teams and sewage pump trucks, ready to respond quickly and professionally to any irregular occurrence.
  4. 4. Cameras for malfunction identification is one of the most efficient and cost-effective means of troubleshooting. After the cleaning, the photography is often carried out by a robot threaded into the drain. The transmitted photos provide information such as the type of line, its diameter, and mechanical information, as well as additional data regarding the overall condition. The data transmitted from the camera enables malfunction detection and treatment even before their occurrence, thus contributing to an effective and pro-active work plan that saves resources.
  5. 5. Valve and Tap Maintenance The main water valve is a kind of large tap connected to the municipal water plumbing. In the event of an explosion, the valves must be closed. A broken-down valve means closing the water in other valves and damage to a large number of residents who will not have water supply during the repair period. Mei Avivim provides periodic valve maintenance throughout the year by mapping, locating and treating the valves in order to avoid, to the extent possible, breakdowns. These activities significantly reduce the number of malfunctions and also lessen the number of water outages during repairs.
  6. 6. Replacing Lines and Connections before Explosions As part of our ongoing work, Mei Avivim carries out preventative operations in connection with piping fixtures and water fitters through the mapping, locating and treating of old lines that may explode. These actions help to reduce wasting water. They also increase pressure and flow in the municipal lines and significantly reduce the amount of pipeline explosions. Ongoing treatment and preventative operations reduce water supply disruptions and help to avoid wasting water.
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