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Terms of Use Mei Avivim Website

 [Last updated on November 27, 2019]

1. General

1.1. Welcome to this website, which is managed atwww.mei-avivim.co.il  (or any other address as may be from time to time) (hereinafter: the “Site” or the “Website“) operated and managed by Mei Avivim 2010 Ltd., 37 Shaul HaMelech Blvd., Tel Aviv-Jaffa or at any other address where their offices shall be located (the “Company“) . The Company is the Water and Sewage Corporation of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, which operates under the Water and Sewage Corporations Law, 5761-2001, and its objective is to improve and optimize the water and sewage infrastructures of the city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and to provide its residents with water and sewage services.

1.2. Use of the Website is subject to these Terms of Use, as and to the extent that they shall be updated by the Company from time to time (hereinafter: the “Terms of Use“). The provision of information of any kind, and especially User Content that contains personal information on the Site, is subject to the Privacy Policy of the Company, which is available for viewing at Privacy Policy. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, collectively, also constitute the legal basis for any discussion between you and the Company, for anything connected with the Site and your use of it. Therefore, prior to using the Website, including the provision of information of any kind whatsoever on the Site, you should carefully read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as any log on by you to the Website and/or use of the Site or any part thereof, including the provision of information on the Site, signifies that you accept, agree to and approve the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy in their entirety, without any reservation. If you do not accept the Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy, in their entirety or any portion thereof, do not browse and/or use the Site in any manner whatsoever.

1.3. The Terms of Use are written in the male gender for convenience, but are intended equally for men and women.

1.4 Definitions: within the framework of the Terms of Use, the following terms will have the definitions that appear alongside them:

1.4.1.”You” or “User” – any individual who accesses the Site through a computer and/or any other end device, including cellular communications for any purpose whatsoever, including contacting the Company, paying invoices, updating details, etc. 

1.4.2.”Use of the Website” – any log in and/or browsing and/or viewing and/or visiting the Website for any purpose whatsoever, including the provision of information on the Site. 

1.4.3.”Content” or “Contents” – any information of any kind or type, including any verbal, visual, vocal, audiovisual or any combination thereof, and any design, processing or display thereof in any manner whatsoever, including any picture, illustration, animation, photograph, chart, model, image, simulation, video, voice file, music file, software, computer code, application, protocol, article, database, interface and any character, sign, symbol and icon (icon) that appears and/or is integrated on the Site by the Company, all of which, whether this is owned by the Company or owned by any third party that has granted the Company the right to use them. For the sake of removing any doubt, “Content” does not include “User Content”.

1.4.4.”User Content” – any information of any kind whatsoever that shall be upload to the Site and/or provided to the Company through the Site by you, including personal information.

1.4.5.Information“, “Personal Information“, “Anonymous Information” – as these are defined in the Privacy Policy of the Company.   

2. Terms of Use

2.1. The Site is an online platform which provides the User with information about the Company, its authorities and its functions in accordance with the Water and Sewage Corporations Law, 5761-2001, the regulations and rules that have been amended thereby, including the Rules of Water and Sewage Corporations (Service Standards), 5771-2011 and also pursuant to any other law which is applicable and/or may be applicable to the Company, acceptance of the services provided by the Company to the residents of the City of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and which are offered on the Site (including publishing updates and guidelines as these are and as they may be from time to time, incorporating answers to additional questions with respect to the services of the Company and/or activities on the Site, recommendations for saving water and any other information as and to the extent that the Company is obliged to publish to the public in accordance with law), as well as allowing the User to conduct activities on the Site (such as contacting the Company, paying invoices, updating details, sending CVs for jobs advertised on the Site, etc.).

2.2. Subject to your compliance with the Terms of Use, the Company hereby grants you a license which is limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable and/or cannot be sub-licensed, cannot be traded and is non-revocable, to use the Website (including any content or service offered therein) for your personal and private use only, and not for any commercial use or wholesale use of any kind whatsoever, and for lawful purposes only. You are prohibited from using the Site or any part thereof for any illegal purpose whatsoever. Use of the Site is free.

2.3. Some of the services and/or products offered on the Site require registration and/or identification. The Privacy Policy of the Company will apply to the provision of any information (including personal information) on the Site.  Mei Avivim privacy policay .

2.4. By using the Website or any part thereof, you declare and undertake that you will not perform any of the following activities on the Site and/or any part thereof (whether by yourself or by anyone on your behalf): (a) granting permission to any third party to use the Website and/or any content or service offered therein, inter alia, to lease or to provide sub-license, to transfer rights, lend, market, sell, distribute the Site and/or any content and/or service contained therein by any means whatsoever; (b) to use the Website for any illegal purpose and/or contrary to the Terms of Use, or to misuse the Site or any part thereof; (c) to copy, duplicate, create repetitive or derivative engineering, modify, translate the Website (including any content or service offered therein); (d) to bypass any technical obstructions on the Site, to conceal messages with regard to the protection of the Company’s intellectual property rights (and/or on its behalf) on the Site; (e) take any action that interferes or which may interfere with the proper operation of the Website and/or prevent access to content and/or services by any other Users of the Site; (f) no computer application or any other means shall be activated or enabled to activate, including programs like Crawlers, Robots and similar, for the purpose of searching, scanning, copying, or automatically retrieving content from the Site, including not creating any data base by downloading and/or storing content from the Site; (g) to implant or penetrate into the Site any virus, “worm” Trojan horse, bug, code, application or software that could or that is intended to be detrimental to the activity of the Site; (h) to violate any of the Terms of Use.

2.5. By using the Website and providing information (including personal information) on the Site, you hereby declare and undertake as follows: (a) the personal information you provide on the Site is correct, accurate and it belongs to you. You are aware of the fact that knowingly providing incorrect or false information may constitute a criminal offense; (b) By providing personal information on the Site, you are thereby granting irrevocable, non-exclusive, unlimited by time, free of consideration or any rights to receive royalties and transferable right to the Company to use the User Content (as this has been defined above) as these are set forth in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , subject to any law and at the discretion of the Company, all of which without the need to receive further authorization from the User, and without him having any assertion and/or financial or other demand and/or any claim whatsoever in connection with the aforesaid right of use.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

3.1. Except for User Content, in the relationship between you and the Company, the Company is the sole owner of the Site, the design, the planning, the structure of the files, symbol/s appearing therein and the trademarks on the Site in respect of all the contents thereof. 

3.2. Design and display of the Site, including the Content contained therein are protected and/or are likely to be protected by copyright and/or trademarks, patents or other intellectual property rights of the Company and/or of any third parties, and you are prohibited from copying, in whole or in part, or duplicating, distributing, selling, licensing the use of, publicly displaying, creating derivatives, executing, advertising, or utilizing the Website or any part thereof for any commercial purpose. In addition, you may not create Frames for the Site or use of Meta Tags or any other hidden text using the name of the Company and/or the Company’s logo and/or its trademarks and/or those of anyone on its behalf. Any unauthorized use will, inter alia, rescind the Terms of Use and termination of your right to use the Website.

3.3. For the avoidance of doubt, except for the right of use granted to you under these Terms of Use, the Company does not grant you any right whatsoever in the Website and/or any part thereof (including any design, graphics, illustration, text, information, picture, third party content, etc.), including the intellectual property of the Company or of any third parties.

4. Executing activities on the Site

4.1. The Site offers the User the ability to conduct online activities on the Site which are related to the water and sewerage services provided by the Company; for example paying the invoice for the consumption of water and sewerage, updating and/or providing various details such as the exchange of consumers and updating  details, updating the number of tenants in the property, sending various requests to the Company, creating a personal area and so forth. The possibility of conducting activities may change from time to time, in accordance with the discretion of the Company.

4.2. Some of the services offered on the Site that allow for the execution of the aforementioned activities are provided by third parties, who serve as subcontractors of the Company and operate on its behalf. Therefore, you are aware of the fact that clicking on certain services offered on the Site will actually take you off the Site itself, and you will be transferred directly to the Site of the relevant service provider (for example – provider of clearing-house services).

4.3.  Making a payment on the Site: as specified, the Site enables you to make various payments on the Site (such as payment of invoicea for the consumption of water and sewage ). In accordance with what is stated in Section 4.2 above, clicking on “Payment of invoice” on the Site removes the User from the Site and transfers him directly to the website of the payment and clearing-house services provider. When execution of payment is completed, the Company will send the User a tax invoice for the payment, to the email address which was entered by him. The User should refer any claim that he may have (should there be any) in connection with executing the payment to the Company, by means of the following e-mail – pniot@mei-avivim.co.il , or through the Website of the Company. 

4.4. Sending CVs for jobs advertised on the Site: the Company might from time to time post ‘want ads’ on the Site, and the Site might enable submission of candidacy for such jobs. We do not guarantee that the jobs advertised on the Site (should they be advertised) will suit the needs of the User and/or that we will schedule a job interview for you and/or accept you for work, and the aforesaid is at our sole discretion. You hereby waive any assertion and/or claim and/or demand against the Company and/or anyone on its behalf in connection with jobs advertised on the Site or in relation thereto.

5. Links to Sites

The Site may contain links to Websites that are not operated by the Company, but by other entities (for example – the website of the Tel Aviv Municipality, social networks such as “Facebook©“, and so forth). These links are intended for your convenience only. The Company has no control over these Websites and bears no responsibility for these links and/or the content that appears therein. When you click on such a link – you leave the Site, and are subject to the terms and conditions of the Site you are logging in to. Therefore, it is suggested that you carefully read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of these Sites, in the event that you choose to make use of the links. The inclusion of these links on the Website does not by any means constitute endorsement of the material contained therein, nor does it attest to any connection with the operators of the aforementioned Site, and any use or login to them by the User  is the sole responsibility of the User

6.  Disclaimer

6.1. The Company invests effort in order to ensure the User with a convenient browsing experience on the Site. However, it does not guarantee that the Site or any of its components will operate continuously, properly and that access to it will be available and/or free of breakdowns and/or uninterrupted (including due to the ongoing maintenance of the Site or the need to deal with malfunctions). Accordingly, there will be no allegation of lack of ability to perform on-site operations on a timely basis (such as – delay in conducting payment for a water bill or any other activity that has a due date for execution); for inactivity of the Site and/or malfunctions on the Site; and you absolve the Company of any assertion and/or claim and/or demand that you may have in association with the aforesaid.

6.2. The Company shall bear no liability, in any manner whatsoever, for distortion of User Content (in whole or in part) that was provided to the Site and/or any inquiry that was not received by the Site, non-responsiveness to any such inquiry, any delay in responding to it, and/or failure to obtain sufficient information on the Site. We will make every effort to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and in accordance with law.

6.3. The images presented on the Site serve only for purposes of illustration, and are not binding. The services offered on the Website, as well as the content and information contained therein, are ‘as is’ without there being any undertaking, representation or liability of any kind whatsoever with regard to the suitability thereof for the purposes of the User, for any particular purpose, the up-datedness of the content and/or the correctness thereof and/or lack of violation of copyright. The Company is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, completeness of the content, lack of errors therein, their effect on the end devices used by the Users, and the use of them, including any reliance on them – which is on the sole responsibility of the User. The Company shall not bear liability for any consequences from the use of the Website and the content therein (including the services offered on the Site) by the User, and the use of the Content, including the results of their use, is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User.

6.4. The Site, the content appearing therein and the services offered within the framework thereof are general in nature, directed to the general public and are not intended and/or directed and/or designed specifically for any particular User. You should not rely on the content and/or services and/or any advice, recommendation or opinion received by means of the Website (if and to the extent that this shall be received) for the purpose of reaching any decisions whatsoever, including matters of a professional, commercial, legal, personal, financial nature, etc. The Site should not be considered as being legal advice or any other type of professional advice. For this purpose you should consult with a suitable professional in order to get advice that is suited to your particular circumstances, and to the data of your case.

6.5. To the extent that you have indicated on the Site that you are interested in receiving invoices for payment, various information and updates from the Company (the “Online Material“) by email instead of regular (physical) mail, it is your responsibility to ensure that the email address that you have given the Company is correct and active, and is not blocked from receiving email from the Company. If you did not find and/or have not received online material from the Company (even though you indicated that you are interested in receiving it), it is possible that the material online may have been deleted and/or transferred to an archive and/or transferred to a junk inbox (spam). Therefore, you should periodically review the relevant folders and update your email inbox settings accordingly. The Company will not be held responsible and/or liable by any means whatsoever, and you hereby discharge the Company from any assertion and/or claim and/or demand that you may have regarding the non-receipt of online material to your email inbox (including any allegation on the matter of non-payment or delay in payment of an invoice as a result thereof).

6.6. It is further clarified that sending online material via email does not exempt the User from paying invoices that were sent to him via regular (physical) mail, by means of his request pursuant to Section 6.5 above.

 7.  Limitation of Liability

Notwithstanding anything that may have been stated in any law or agreement, in no instance shall the Company (including its employees, directors, and anyone on behalf thereof) be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, but not limited to, direct, indirect or consequential damages, including damages deriving from loss of profits, loss of data or disruption of business processes, damage to reputation, and so forth) in connection with and/or as a result of logging in and/or using the Website, failure to use the Site or the results of using the Website (including any of the content and/or services offered there), and/or use or inability to use any other site linked to the Site, or the content contained in the Site, and in any of the Sites linked to the Site (including reliance on such content), and/or as a result of exposure to computer damage (including viruses) and/or due to infringement of intellectual property rights of any kind whatsoever (whether or not these are registered ), all of which even if the Company has already received information regarding the possibility of such damages occurring, whatever the cause of action or the reason for the damages, whether contractual, torts or otherwise. The only remedy that shall be granted to you in any event, and notwithstanding any law or agreement, shall be the cessation of use of the Website.

8.  Miscellaneous

8.1. The Site is intended for use by an adult (over the age of 18) within the sovereignty of the State of Israel, and is not intended for use by minors. If you are a minor (under the age of 18), your use of the Website will constitute evidence that you have received permission from your parent or legal guardian, who has appointed you to make use of it.

8.2. The Terms of Use constitute the full and complete agreement between the User and the Company in connection with the Website and everything associated and/or involved with it, and supersedes any communication or previous or other offer, whether electronically, or verbally, or in writing, which was transmitted between the User and the Company and/or anyone on behalf thereof, in connection with the Site. Terms of use were formulated in the Hebrew language. The Company is entitled to translate the Site or any part thereof (including the Terms of Use) into different languages, but in any event the Hebrew version will prevail over any other version.

8.3. The Terms of Use are subject to Israeli law only. The competent Court in the Tel Aviv District shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute and/or conflict on the matter of this Agreement, the enforcement and interpretation thereof, and jurisdiction shall not be granted to any other Court.

8.4. The Company reserves the right, at any time, to close the Website and/or to discontinue the operation thereof and/or update and/or change the structure thereof, the appearance, the content displayed therein and the Terms of Use at any time. You should visit the Site from time to time in order to check the updated Terms of Use, since these are binding from the date of the update onwards (the date of the latest update appears at the top of the Terms of Use). Messages and/or designated legal terms found on particular pages of the Site may prevail over certain conditions contained in the Terms of Use.

8.5. The Company is entitled to prevent and/or block you and/or restrict your access to the Site or any part thereof (including the Services offered therein), if you have breached the Terms of Use (all or some of them). There is nothing in the aforesaid that detracts from the Company’s rights to take legal action against you in instances mentioned herein above. A User who has been removed from the Site is prohibited from returning and browsing it again under the profile of a different User.

8.6. You undertake to indemnify and compensate the Company, its employees, it managers and/or anyone on behalf thereof, immediately upon its first demand, for any direct or indirect damages, expenses or losses, including legal expenses and Attorney’s fees, which the Company may incur due to any breach of the Terms of Use, or performing any other activity which is contrary to any law.

8.7. Waiver of Rights in the event that the Company shall not take advantage of one or more of its rights in accordance with this Agreement, shall not be regarded as a waiver or acceptance by the Company and shall not constitute any motive against it.

8.8.  If it shall be determined that any part whatsoever of the Terms of Use is invalid or cannot be enforced by law, including but not limited to the aforementioned sections relating to Limitation of Liability, then the sections that are invalid or unenforceable shall be deemed to have been replaced by valid and enforceable sections, the content of which shall be compatible to the greatest possible degree with the intent of the original sections, while the remaining sections of the Terms of Use will remain valid.

8.9. If you have any questions about the Terms of Use or if you require any support whatsoever in operating the Website and/or receiving the services that are offered therein, including reporting any malfunctions, you are welcome to contact us and we will do our utmost to respond to you as soon as possible.

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